Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ukulele and Guitar lessons in Cheras
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Above - different sizes of Guitars

Above - Messy excessive strings before cut off

Above and below - After clean up and colored tuning heads

Above - 25 inch Guitar

Above and below - Strap Buttons

Above and below - Tuning heads or pegs for ukulele

Below - Tuning pegs for Nylon strings Classical Guitar

Above - Floyd Rose locking tremolo system for Electric guitar

Above - Strap for Electric guitar , acoustic guitar ,classical guitar and ukulele
Below- Fender Stratocaster bridge tremolo system

Below - Acoustic guitar bags

Above- Yamaha FG 700s Guitar -nice sound and solid feel

 Above - under maintenance 25 years old Jackson Stealth Electric Guitar

Below-Capo digital Tuner (2 in 1 ) for String instruments

Below - A 40 years old guitar under repair ( sanding process)

Below- tenor ukulele bag

Below- Ukulele Strap

Above - Jackson Stealth electric guitar , Boss RC 300 Loop Station and Sans Amp pedal box

Above- Fishman Platinum EQ pre amp box  for Acoustic guitar and Ukulele